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by | May 12, 2021

Imprint page of a Hawker Brownlow Education title published and printed in Australia

Who doesn’t love a good imprint page?


Where do your books come from? It might seem like a strange question, but it is one that is particularly pertinent in a time when global supply chains have been disrupted by a certain global pandemic. Open any book on your shelf, turn to the imprint page and you’ll find a variety of origins: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States, United Kingdom. Publishing truly is a global industry. Open almost any Hawker Brownlow Education title, however, and you will see ‘Printed in Australia’.

It can be surprising to see anything ‘in Australia’ these days. We’re so used to hearing stories about the decline of manufacturing that it comes as a surprise to some that we make anything here any more, but plenty of industries are thriving.

Made in Australia, to order

Hawker Brownlow Education isn’t your typical book publisher. For over three decades, we’ve brought the best in local and international educational thinking straight to Australian classrooms. Then as now, our mission has been simple: to provide educators with the tools and skills they need to improve classrooms and raise student achievement. But how we’ve gone about that is groundbreaking and unique.

If you visit our head office in Cheltenham, Victoria, you won’t find enormous offset printing presses; rather, you’ll find a series of state-of-the-art digital presses from Fujifilm Business Innovation (formerly Fuji Xerox). In principle, these work like any office laser printer, albeit on a much larger scale, capable of printing hundreds of pages every minute and, with the help of our skilled print technicians, producing a book indistinguishable from its offset brethren.

It is these digital presses that will print your books shortly after you’ve ordered them in a fulfilment process known as ‘print on demand’. Instead of keeping a warehouse full of the thousands of titles we offer, we print each item to order, often producing hundreds of items in a day. It is this groundbreaking approach to printing that allows us to offer the thousands of titles we do and to publish local versions of international titles in a matter of days rather than – not to mention eliminating the environmental impacts of international shipping.

Global content with a local focus

Our Melbourne-based publishing team works with a range of authors and international publishers to bring the best titles to Australian educators. Whether it’s promoting Australian authors such as Gavin Grift and Dr Selena Fisk or adapting the titles of international experts such as Dr Robert J Marzano, we strive to bring you the best in groundbreaking, relevant content from across the educational world.

But it’s more than just books. Our Australian authors can bring their cutting-edge work to life for you, either in person or virtually, while our professional learning associates – certified by the creators of a range of leading programs – can help you put theory into practice with world-standard training, tailoring their content to not only the Australian context but also your individual school’s needs

Add to cart

Next time you click ‘place order’, take a moment to think about the process your purchase has just triggered: a giant printer will whir to life. Our print technicians will then bind the pages, adhere the cover and get it ready for shipment. It will then be lovingly packed into a parcel and join the never-ending cycle of pickup and delivery through our shipping providers.

And just like that, your order has bought you a little piece of Australia, supporting Hawker Brownlow Education’s employees, authors, associates and suppliers while supporting your own professional learning. So, from us to you: thanks!

Richard McKenzie Richard McKenzie is the Marketing Manager at Hawker Brownlow Education. Aside from helping to provide the best in educational resources, professional learning and events, Richard enjoys good stationery and taking nice photos. Read more articles by Richard McKenzie

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