Thinking & Learning 2018 Round-up: Teacher Leaders as Sage and Guide

by | Aug 6, 2018

On the final day of the Hawker Brownlow Education Thinking & Learning Conference 2018, the choice of workshops on offer was an absolute feast for the voracious learners in attendance.  Teacher Leaders as Sage and Guide was a highly engaging workshop that began with Brian Pete claiming that the person doing the talking is the one doing the learning! In other words, as teachers, we were being challenged to give up the podium and take on a different role as guide on the side. In a nutshell, the workshop was very practical with us all interacting and experimenting with learning strategies we could use with either adults in a professional learning context, or our students in the classroom.

Unfortunately, Robin could not contribute as much as she would have liked because of a nasty cold and laryngitis! In the beginning, I was very disappointed not to hear more of Robin’s voice and expertise, but fortunately she sat at my table. I was literally receiving a one-on-one master class in whispered tones! Robin generously explained how the strategies she uses ensure every adult in the room is fully engaged and learning.

The main message I received from this workshop was simply that our goal as teachers is to focus on the students and their learning. Why? Because teaching can be a performance and does not always equate with learning. In Robin’s own words, “we can teach, but that does not mean students have learned what we intended!”

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